Energy Savings: Fact and Fiction

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If you want to get an environmentally friendly and energy efficient system, you have to think about the big picture. A lot of pool companies will tell you how much you can save if you use a particular type of equipment or by adding this feature or that feature. Those same companies that try to sell you a Variable speed pump (for example) will install a booster pump cleaner that uses 79% more energy then a robot style cleaner. They will also recommend a DE filter that requires backwashing hundreds of gallon of water that you have to fill right back up. Today's systems are better then ever but get them for the right reasons and applications.

What is the right size...

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You may here about bigger this and bigger that, but there is a right size for everything. In the pool word, bigger is not always better and can even be out right worse. Salesman like to play a little game of what I call "one-upsmanship", you may have heard it in your shopping. One person comes in and says they use 1 skimmer because there is no tree in sight, the next guy comes in and says "well we use two skimmers because you really need it for good circulation". A few days later someone comes along and say "we use 3 skimmers because we are the best". The same goes with steel, PVC plumbing, Gunite, and just about everything else on a pool. The truth is, there is a correct size for everything and it can vary from job to job. Let us know your questions and we will give you the best answer we can and the best solution to accomplishing your goals.

How do payments work

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Be money smart, don't pay for work before it is completed. We do not require a down payment. We work on a pay-as-you-go system, so you pay for your pool as construction milestones are met.